Kamis, 13 September 2012

Tips to Becoming a Better Guitar Player

1) Never put your guitar away: Always have your guitar out and in plain sight. Never put it in your case and tuck in under your bed where it can not be seen. Buy a guitar stand so it is sitting out in the open saying "play me, play me!" By having it always accessible, you will find yourself picking up the guitar and playing even if it is only for a minute or two at a time.

2) Learn all of your major and minor chords inside and out: By learning all of your chords inside and out you will be able to play almost any song that you want to play. When you start learning how to play songs it makes playing guitar a lot more fun and enjoyable. Learn all of your major chords first, which are A through G. Next Learn your minor chords. Once you have learn those basic chords try and learn how to play them up and down the whole neck of the guitar.

3) Learn how to play scales: There are many different types of scales that you should learn on guitar. The first scale you should learn is the major scale. All other scales that you learn are just parts of the major scale. Scales are important because it's the fundamental building block of play lead guitar.

4) Use your ear as well as your eyes: There are many ways that a person can learn how to play songs on guitar. You can learn how to read music and by looking at the notes you can know what notes to play on guitar. You can learn how to play by ear. Playing by ear is a talent most people aren't born with, but with practice you can become pretty good at it. I'm a big believer of being a well rounded guitar player so the more ways you can learn how to play a song the better.

5) Learn multiple styles of music: By learning different styles of music you will learn many different techniques and fingerings to make you more of a well rounded player. I've played in multiple bands all with different styles of music and every style has made me better at my craft.

6) Try writing some of your own songs: By writing your own songs it will teach you how to incorporate scales, chords, and singing all into one. One of the toughest things for a new guitar player to learn how to do is play chords and sing at the same time. You have to know all of your chords so well that you don't have to think about it so that you can concentrate on singing. Also by singing what you are playing it can make you learn how each chord or note should sound in your mind.

7) Don't be afraid to have help learning: There are many different ways of learning how to play the guitar. You can buy books and read about it or watch instructional videos. If you have the money you can always hire someone to teach you. Try and use all resources available to you to expand your playing ability.

8) Have fun playing and play to have fun: Playing guitar should be fun. It shouldn't be something you dread doing. Learn the basic stuff and then learn what you want to learn to make it fun. When I first started out playing chords I didn't think it was much fun. Then I started realizing that those chords where the ones that I needed to play my favorite songs. Since then playing guitar has been a passion for me and it will be for the rest of my life.

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