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How To Make Kids Love Practicing The Piano

There are a few simple steps you can take to help your child develop a passion for the piano. Hopefully, your child hasn't started piano yet and the slate is clean. If they have already started and you are looking for ways to infuse new energy into their playing, most of these ideas will work as well.

Choose the right piano teacher, one that has some horse-sense about kids and a winning way. Forget disciplinarians: the piano is too difficult if you don't love it. Pick a game show host, preferably with a great musical education. If the teacher is to be you, the parent, that in itself is a good choice, for a parent can be nurturing, patient and clever, too.

In the beginning, restrict the repertoire to music that is familiar to the child. You'll have as much luck convincing a child to enjoy an unfamiliar piece of music as you would an unfamiliar food. Feed them what is familiar. You may have to search for the particular song, and grossly simplify it when you find it, but familiar songs are the single best way of capturing a young person's attention.

If you have done the two above things, there should be no need to ever nag your child to practice. If the teacher nags your child, and thus you, it is a misconception on the part of the teacher, who is moving at a pace too fast for the child, and using material that does not interest the child. It's like food: a child may not know exactly why they don't like broccoli, but they don't want any of it.

Leave it up to the child. It is far better to let the child find their own way than impose a regime upon it. Treat the piano as a toy. You don't nag a child to play with a particular toy, do you? Let them develop a relationship with the piano outside of you and the teacher. This is very hard when you are paying for it, but with the right piano teacher and the right songs, you are better off in the long run.

Take an interest to the point where they see you tinkering with the piano. This will motivate them like nothing else. It will take you five minutes a day, in their presence.

Here's a link to a fun piano method that parent and child can easily begin together, using numbers instead of notes: http://www.pianoiseasy2.com

John Aschenbrenner is the author of the PIANO BY NUMBER piano method for kids. http://www.pianoiseasy.com

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