Kamis, 13 September 2012

Best Ways to Learn Piano

You have probably wished to be able to play the piano whenever you see anyone playing or hear good music. You are not alone in this, almost everyone has, even the completely tone-deaf. You probably include it in your list of New Year resolutions and then forget about because of other more pressing concerns. You may be already thinking that it's too late for you to begin learning or that it's for children. You could not be more wrong.

Whether you want to want to become a great concert pianist or you just want to enjoy yourself with your piano, there are various ways of learning and you can choose whichever suits you, depending on the cost, how much you know already and how much time you have. Some of the best ways to learn piano are:

Private instruction: This can be an effective way of learning piano, but it can be expensive and scheduling a convenient time for both teacher and student might be difficult. Still, the individualized instruction means that lessons proceed at the student's pace.

Public instruction: This can take place at music academies, community centers or other institutions. This has similar advantages and disadvantages to private instruction, and there is the added problem of travelling to the location. Also, attention may not be paid to individual students.

Video instruction: This can be done using a DVD or online video learning system. It may be cheaper than hiring a private or public instructor, convenient and the pace of learning is flexible, but multiple DVDs may be needed and the student may not know exactly how much progress is being made due to the absence of an instructor.

Use of books: This has similar merits and demerits as video instruction, and may not be as effective as other methods because the student may find the books difficult to understand and the instructions somewhat hard to practice.

Use of online instruction software: This is by far the best way to learn piano. Online piano instruction combines the best features of most of the methods of learning piano such as individualized training, flexible learning pace, convenience and feedback from the instructor, which lets the student know how well he or she is doing.

You can choose the best way to learn piano from one or even a combination of the above methods. It's up to you which method you choose, to learn to play the piano!

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