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If you forget to water your house plants for 2 months it's simply foolish to be frustrated that they are not green and thriving! A proper diet and hydration is also vital for all vocalists to thrive. Just like the dying plant, if your diet and hydration is poor, your performance and growth will be poor as well. This article will cover the 5 worst foods, drinks and substances that work against vocalists and what makes them bad as well as some healthy alternatives. This does not mean that you should never have these foods; it just means that for top notch vocal delivery you shouldn't have them right before you sing.

5) Alcohol
Yep! I know many of you didn't want to hear that because often alcohol takes the edge off and helps the nerves go away. But alcohol also dries out the vocal cords worse than just about anything else. A substitute to take some of the anxiety away before you go on stage is doing a 5-10 minute physical workout.

4) Spicy Foods
Believe me; I understand your frustration because I love spicy food as well. But keep in mind spicy foods are acidic and much like alcohol, spicy acidic foods dehydrate your vocal cords. If you still need your spicy food fix make sure it comes after you sing.

3) Cigarettes
I know it's not a food or a drink; however, cigarettes are another terrible substance for your voice. On one end, smoke coming across your vocal cords dehydrates them, on the other end, every time you take a drag off of a cigarette 140 degrees touches your cords, burning them. Cigarettes have a devastating long term effect on the voice. This is the only substance on this list that should completely be discontinued by serious vocalists. Instead of smoking try chewing sugarless gum. Sugarless gum produces more lubrication in your mouth and can help keep a good fluid movement of the vocal cords. Of course I recommend spitting it out before you go on stage!

2) Ice Water
WAIT! Isn't water good? Of course it is; however, ice water is not good if you are singing. I have never seen a professional athlete ice their knee before a race, If they did they would lose flexibility, the same goes for the vocal cords, ice water causes them to lose flexibility slowing down their natural movement. Instead of ice water try room temperature water, this way your cords will not be slowed down.

1) Dairy
Have you ever tried to run in quick sand? Doing so would obviously slow you down. Dairy products slow down the natural flexibility of the vocal cords by causing an excess mucous build up. I know it sounds gross but that is simply the nasty truth about the effect of dairy products. Similar to spicy foods, wait until after your gig to drink your glass of milk!

Tom Bingeman is the President of VOCAL PRO, a non-profit training ground in Denver, Colorado that offers professional vocal and singing lessons for serious artists.

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