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Get Into the Beat With Pitbull Sheet Music

2011 was the year in which Pitbull made cameo appearances on everything.From songs by Jennifer Lopez to "I Like It" with Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull made his name by rapping with his gravelly voice on multiple tracks by a fairly diverse list of artists. It is therefore unsurprising that his 2011 album, Planet Pit, had an impressive guest list including Marc Anthony, Kelly Rowland and T-pain. You know an artist has made it to the big time when their songs are available as sheet music Pitbull sheet music is surprisingly available at many online stores for anyone who wants to re-create that signature reggaeton/rap sound.

The Pitbull Story

Armando Perez is a Miami-born Cuban rapper who has made a career of catering primarily to one demographic: club-loving, partying dance floor junkies. From his first album to his sixth, Pitbull has shown a knack for churning out the music that club-goers love. Pitbull got his start with Luther Campbell of the notorious 2 Live Crew, and then went on to make contacts with Lil Jon who gave him his first shot at stardom by featuring him on the single, "Pitbull's Cuban Ride Out" on his album.

From his 2004 debut album,M.I.A.M.I to his sixth (Planet Pit), Pitbull has paired himself with some of his genre's superstars. M.I.A.M.I featured collaborations with Lil Jon and that year he showed up on songs by both the Ying Yang Twins and Twista, solidifying his club-cred. His sixth album is notable in that it seems that the singer has a hit with almost every track. From the not-so-subtle innuendo of "Rain Over Me" to the 90s nostalgia of "Took my Love", almost all the songs on Planet Pit are libido-laden and danceable.

Pitbull's sound is reminiscent of a rapper from another era, Jah Rule. His signature thumping bass and catchy choruses makes him the perfect crossover artist, helping hip-hop to venture into the Latino market. His partnership with Sean Combs on the Bad Boy Latino label implies that this is the intention. The fact that his style works just as well with Ne-Yo's on "Give Me Everything" as it does with Shakira on "Get it Started" says a lot for his versatility. How many artists have performed with both Gloria Estefan and Luther Campbell?

"Give me Everything"

This single features Pitbull as lead vocals, and it wound up being Pitbull's first number one song. The song also features vocals by Ne-Yo and Nayer and was produced by superstar DJ and producer, Afrojack. "Give Me Everything" sold over eight million copies making it one of the most popular digital singles in history. It was also Ne-Yo's first number one in five years.

Pitbull Sheet Music

Fans who are interested in playing his music can find Pitbull sheet music at a variety of sheet music stores online. Most sites allow users to search by song title, artist, genre, instrument and ability level, so do some searching and find the best version of your favorite song. Pitbull on the trumpet? Sounds like a blast! However, it may be harder to find Pitbull sheet music for any instrument besides piano, vocal or guitar. The most popular Pitbull songs to download and purchase online include "I Know You Want Me" (Calle Ocho),"I Like it", and "DJ Got Us falling in Love".

Pitbull completed a world tour in promotion of Planet Pit with a performance in Ullan Bator, Mongolia in late July 2012. His seventh album, Global Warming is expected out at some point before the end of summer.

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