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Best Instrumental Maker

If you enjoy listening to rap music then there from time to time you may think "how difficult can it really be to produce your own music with an instrumental maker?", you've probably already thought about this!

Well lots of people get to this stage and start trying to find information on how exactly can they do it, they know they need some kind of music maker, but how? Then they start to find that it can cost quite a lot for all the equipment that the average hip hop producer uses, and on top of that there's a lot more stuff that goes into the sampling and the recording of the music than what most people actually think. In that case, you'll most likely have to do some research on music production too.

Most of us are not in a position financially to afford for a completely functional recording studio, so if this is kind of the place where you are at this time I have good news for you. There are several DAW (digital audio workstation) software packages / instrumental makers that have been released over the years, for example the well known Fruityloops, basically they are like having a full recording studio at home on your computer. Price wise they can range from being very expensive - from over $1000 to being completely free.

As I said there are many products out there but personally I prefer one called Dub Turbo, it is basically an online DAW. I got it for around $40, while not being completely free, it's pretty good value for money when you compare it to the more expensive beat makers. Especially when it has all the features of the $500+ music production tools.

Some things I liked about this instrumental maker is that it has of tons of beats (several thousand) that are already in the system, and contains pretty much everything that a real recording studio has. These are all quality sounds and all recording in a professional recording studio. For example you can use samplers, keyboards, drum kits, sequencers, and many more. Also Dub Turbo has been made and designed for novices / beginners, as I said I had a little knowledge before I started using it which made it really easy to use and within a few hours of practice and going through the tutorial videos I got to grips with the software pretty easily.

Now I like to make CDs which I give to my friends or hook up my mp3 player and listen to the music I made with my awesome instrumental maker while driving.

Oliver Karl Hannaford from Best Instrumental Maker
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