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Hip Hop Song Writers

Hip Hop song writers are finding the song writing process becoming easier than ever before with the increasing number of song writing tools and software available online and in the market. Traditionally song writing has always had the same steps, lyrics, music, production; the path followed varying from artist to artist.

Generally in hip hop, the beat comes first. The artist working on arranging the beats first and then getting on the lyrics. This is mostly done because it is easier to try and write lyrics to fit in with a pre-existing beat, but it is comparatively difficult to try and form a beat around lyrics that have already been writer and decided on. The basis of the beat is the drum and other percussion instruments.

Drums are the basis of the song production and can be sampled or created on original kits. In sampling, the hip hop song writers use a part of an already existing song, or track by another artist. The essence of sampling is that a part, be it drum or vocals, from a song or recording belonging to any other artist is taken and used by the song writer as a part of their track.

Parts of the track can be mixed into the main track over and over to form a pattern, which is called a loop. Loops not only add a different dimension to the song, but also add layers, introducing the work of another artist into the mix, which can be considered as some form of collaboration on the hip hop song writers part. There are other ways to collaborate such as working on lyrics with another artist or having them do guest vocals on your song track.

Besides the drums, bass lines are also an integral part of any hip hop song. Where the drums add a backing to the song, bass lines add a depth, a resonance. Generally synthesizers can be used to create bass lines. The arrangement of the drums, bass lines, sampling elements etc. is all dependent on the hip hop song writers, how they want to style the song.

Once the beat and instrumental part is laid down, most artists work on the lyrics. At the same time, many other artists prefer to work on the lyrics before creating the instrumental bass beat. A music ghostwriter can help by writing the lyrics or instrumental to your song.

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